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Gary Honor has summer in the pocket with new single

Saxophonist Gary Honor's new single "Summer Cool" will give you more than one reason to hold on to the fun in the sun season. Produced by Skinny Hightower, "Summer Cool" is a summer dance scorcher, one that conjure images of roller-skating dream, summer love and where life is just one big chill.

Gary first found his love for the sax at age 10. He graduated high school and was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to attend the Queensland Conservatorium of Music where he enrolled in a jazz course.

While at Queenland, Gary took his spirituality a bit more seriously and so it came as no surprise that he would be part of the Worship team at Hillsong Church in Sydney. Not only as a member, Gary also assisted in arranging praise and worship music for the Hillsong Church's CDs.

The Australian saxophonist has performed with many musicians including Brian Simpson, Old Silk, Paul Brown and Darren Rahn to name a few.

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