Chris Big Dog Davis reworks a Smokey Robinson classic

Smokey Robinson's classic hit "Quiet Storm" which filled the airwaves 47 years ago, has been given a fresh and jazzy musical perspective by hit producer Chris Big Dog Davis on his version of the single. Chris brings Najee on flute and Lamone on vocals to accompany his lush keys on this single. The result is an exquisite musical delight with a warming romantic flair. #chrisbigdogdavis #najee #lamone #quietstorm #newmusic #newjazz #jazzpiano #smokeyrobinson #jazzmoodsradio

Eldon T Jones returns with a Darren Rahn produced single

Eldon T Jones is putting his tenor saxophone to work on the sun-kissed and joyful melody found on his new single "Captured by Love". The single was produced and mixed by Darren Rahn and it is the perfect feel-good song for the summer. Eldon's sound is stepped in jazz roots peppered with a dash of R&B and Soul Inspiration to make his music even more appealing. Indulge! #eldontjones #jazzmoodsradio #newjazz #darrenrahn #jazzsax #capturedbylove #jazznews

Patrick Lamb releases new single Dream Again

Saxophonist Patrick Lamb is giving mental pictorials of early morning coastal vibes with his latest single "Dream Again" Rhythmically, the single has a nice chilled groove with delicious chord progressions written by hitmaker Darren Rahn. With three top five Billboard hits under his belt, Patrick has toured and performed with musicians including Bobby Caldwell, Gino Vannelli, Jeff Lorber Fusion and Smokey Robinson to name a few. #patricklamb #jazzmoodsradio #newmusic #smoothj

Wakana joins Jonathan Fritzen on new single

Saxophonist Wakana locks musical arms with pianist Jonathan Fritzen on her new single "Fika Talk". Taken from her recently released CD A Sunny Day, "Fika Talk" is lively flavored groove peppered with delicious keys. Wakana became well known in the USA with her solo album Saxcess Story which produced by Greg Manning in 2018. Her single "Go For the Sound" in 2021 which featured Darren Rahn and Koh Saxman became an instant radio favorite. Wakana was born in Futtsu City, Chiba,

Ragan Whiteside brings the heat with new single "Thrill Ride"

We are grooving into the new week with new music from flautist, vocalist and composer Ragan Whiteside. The single is called "Thrill Ride" a track that was written by Ragan alongside Dennis Johnson and Bob Baldwin. "Thrill Ride" is fresh and exciting with airy flute notes and a snap happy melody. Not to be missed is Ragan's edgy look on the cover of the single and we are totally here for it. Said Ragan "the energy of this song allowed me to live out my race car fantasy". She c

Philippe Saisse releases new single with Marc Antoine intended for vocals from Al Jarreau

Philippe Saisse has teamed up with Marc Antoine on the single Lost Words. In true Saisse fashion, there is a majestic melodic tapestry interwoven with waltz, jazz, and a spice from samba chords. The story behind this single is a very interesting one. It was actually written with Al Jarreau’s vocals in mind before the singer passed away. As the story goes, Al had loved the Brazilianeque vibe to the single and found it had an “Italian flair”. Al wanted the song to be called “Tr

Blair Bryant does Stevie Wonder on new release

Blair Bryant is like the musical gift that keeps on giving. He is stirring up a bag of grooves with his version of Stevie Wonder's "That Girl". This rendition puts funky bass in your face with a sizzling rhythm that will make you fall in love with this single all over again. There is a nice and unexpected spectacular moment that happens near the bridge that is lush. It definitely peaks the single to groove levels unlocked. Indulge! The single was taken from Blair's new CD "R

Mo Louis debuts with the single "Turn it Up

A chance meeting between saxophonists Mo Louis and Euge Groove while purchasing an instrument not only produced a lasting friendship but also a collaboration on Mo's groovy hot single "Turn it Up". In a recent interview, Mo recalls meeting Euge when he went to purchase one of his saxophones. "I'll never forget standing in his studio and him putting on one of his own tracks for me to play along with. Talk about a humbling moment." Mo said that he expressed to Euge his desire t

Jessy J returns after a six year break with new music

Saxophonist Jessy J returns after six years with the new CD Blue. The artist who has had 12 top singles and 6 chart topping albums teams up with Jeff Lorber on the upbeat new single "Dig It". It's a catchy track take from an album that explores bluesy and soulful grooves. In a recent interview, Jessy said that writing and recording for her new CD "was an extraordinary experience". She also said "I have missed the connection with my fans so much these past two years. On every

Ron King releases Cascade single

Listen to trumpeter Ron King's new single "Cascade" and get ready to fall in love with this beauty. "Cascade" is exquisite with a lovely and soulful rhythm. Enter Ron's trumpet which adds a lovely and romantic touch. Ron is one of the more sort after trumpeter and composer who has worked with numerous artists including George Benson, Marvin Gaye, Jeff Lorber and Brian Simpson to name a few. The new single is taken from his upcoming CD which will be produced by guitarist Paul

Ron Reinhardt teams up with Richard Elliot on new release

When smooth swag meets light funk, you get "Meet me at the End", the latest single from keyboardist Ron Reinhardt. Ron plays the Hammond B3 and rocks the instrument like no other. He has added saxophonist Richard Elliot to bring more layers to this single which has lovely chord progressions and a bridge that you would never see coming. Ron has been Elliot's keyboardist for 30 years and also his close friend. Ron has also collaborated with others in the smooth jazz music indus

J3 releases new single from upcoming CD

Teen jazz phenom Justin-Lee Schultz has teamed up with other teens Jamie-Leigh Schultz and Jaden Baker to form the trio J3. Together they bring their larger-than-life talents to the new single "Hela". "Hela" is soothing, mature and awash with many pleasant musical detours within this one single, you will be intrigued along the journey. The trio first played together back in 2020 and the NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. It is where their friendship began. The single is

Knick Smith gets romantic on new single

Keyboardist Knick Smith sets the stage for nights of blissful bubble baths, scented candles and love with his latest single aptly titled "Romance". This string-filled single is bedecked with amazing keys and a melody to literally take your breath away. The single was taken from the CD of the same name, one that has already delighted us with hits such as "Feelin' Smooth" and "Can't Get Enough of Your Love (featuring Kevin Turner and Jeff Robinson. Knick Smith keeps his music c

Axon Radio introduces us to Forklift Judy

Bringing the funk from Indianapolis along with some soulful Jazz in tow, supergroup Axon Radio has released "Forklift Judy", a catchy single with an interesting title. Expect to hear a slamming bass, in your face horns and a funk-charged finger snapping groove. "Forklift Judy" is the following up to the group's single "Prom Drama". Saxophonist Michael Lington lends his sax work to this single which was mixed by engineer Steve Sykes. #axonradio #smoothjazz #forkliftjudy #micha

Norman Brown releases cool and laid back single

"Back At Ya" heralds the return of Norman Brown, this time around in a very smooth grooving, lush setting. Taken from his 13th solo album Let's Get Away, "Back At Ya" has a stunningly cool melody that makes you feel good with just a casual listen. Norman's new album will feature other singles that is also geared to sooth, relax and deliver nothing but good vibes. #normanbrown #backatya #smoothjazz #cooljazz #jazzmoodsradio #wereplaying #soothingjazz #jazzguitar #jazznews #jaz

Blake Aaron releases Dreamland single

Guitarist Blake Aaron returns with fresh music in the form of the new single "Dreamland". Blake pairs again with producer and guitarist Adam Hawley, their first collaboration was the number one billboard scorcher "Sunday Strut". "Dreamland" is a hot and blazing single with lots rhythmic punches that is vibrant for spring into summer. Musicians appearing on the single include Adam Hawley on rhythm guitar, Rhodes, string and organ, Mel Brown on bass, Eric Valentine on drums an

Saxophonist Phil Walker delves into Phil Collins' songbook for new single

Saxophonist Phil Walker delivers a stellar take on the Phil Collins' classic "In The Air Tonight", currently in rotation on Jazz Moods Radio. Walker's sax notes sets the mood in a dreamy seductive melody that calls to mind rain slicked streets framed by neon lights. It's a mellow and romantic jam taken from Phil's upcoming CD of the same name. Walker who works as a financial planner by day has teamed up a few industry favorites including Richard Smith, Steve Oliver and former

Ryan La Valette returns with single Let it Flow

New Zealand musician brings the necessary heat to the airwaves with the downright funky swing in the danceable single "Let It Flow". Ryan's guitar hits all the right spots as it shifts and segues within a refreshing melody with feel-good synths in the pocket. The single is taken from his upcoming compilation, one which will feature Ryan playing on the guitar, bass and saxophone. For the compilation, Ryan has sort the best in the industry to pair his songwriting skills and tal

Gil releases the romantic "You're Beside Me"

Gil Johnson puts his unique and beautiful vocals to the new single "You're Beside Me", a track this is perfect for Valentine's Day. The song has a pop-sweetened touch with jazzy undertones which features a glowing acoustic guitar from Doc Powell. The track was produced by AyRon Lewis, who is a Dove and Stellar Award nominee. Gil dedicated the track to his wife of 31 years Darlene Johnson who has since passed away in 2020. She remains the inspiration behind his singing career.

Bassist Byron Miller releases the funk-induced Better Days Are Coming

Bassist Byron Miller features Swedish keyboardist Mats Oberg on his latest single "Better Days are Coming". Taken from his third album Psychobass 3: Real Love, the single is a funk induced laid back groove that gives you all the positive feels. It features Byron in the forefront adding his glorious bass lines which compliments the arrangement. Byron and Mats met in 2016 at a George Duke tribute. Mats who also met George when he visited Stockholm has emerged as a George Duke