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Tracye Eileen releases new music from her upcoming EP

“Sweeter with Time” is the new single from vocalist Tracye Eileen, a track that is in rotation on Jazz Moods Radio.

We met Tracye last year when she won our hearts with the sweet sway on “Somehow Someway” and again on the equally beautiful “Now That We’re Here”.

Extracted from her upcoming EP “It’s Time”, “Sweeter with Time” has the makings of a nice backyard cool down with family and friends. It’s easy-going by nature with tempered vocals, indulgent keys and a hypnotic groove.

Tracye’s music is unique in style and it stands out because it does not sound like anything else out there. Her ability to bridge the gap between soul and jazz as heard on this particular track is what will make her a household name for a long time to come.

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