Feet First is the new release from Rick Braun's upcoming CD

"Feet First" is the latest single from trumpeter Rick Braun. Written and produced by Braun, the track is vibrant with a lovely muted trumpet and a flirty dance groove made for chart success. Musicians on the new single include guitarist Tony Pulizzi, bassist Courtney Leonard, drummer Gorden Campbell and percussionist Lenny Castro. "Feet First" is taken from Rick's upcoming eponymous CD to be released on February 11th. #rickbraun #smoothjazz #feetfirst #newrelease #jazznews #j

Chris Godber releases West Coast Soul

Saxophonist Chris Godber returns with new music on the single "West Coast Soul". "West Coast Soul" is rhythmically cool with a light and laid back sax that flourishes within an addicting and soulful groove. Chris found success on the release of his earlier work with the CDs Starting Over in 2015 and Momentum in 2018. The singles "Rain" and "Chill" intrigued listeners and solidify Chris' mainstay the Smooth Jazz World. Smooth Jazz aside, Chris also crosses over to Gospel Jazz

Doc Powell teams up with Bobby Lyle, Larry Kimpel on "Me Myself and Rio De Novo single

Guitarist Doc Powell is one of those musicians who has the "it" factor. With every song released, you are always sure to get melodies that stretches the imagination, emanating from a vibrant and fun musical location. His latest single "Me Myself and Rio De Novo" puts him in the company of guest musicians pianist Bobby Lyle and bassist Larry Kimpel. The single's cover art that features Doc laying in a hammock surrounded by trees, all chilled and relaxed with his guitar in han

Greg Chambers returns with the Adam Hawley produced "Let's Dance"

From his upcoming album No Looking Back, Bay area saxophonist Greg Chambers releases the tasty single "Let's Dance". The track was produced by Adam Hawley, who is quickly becoming one of the most sort after producers in the jazz industry. Aside from being one of the best jazz guitarists out there, Adam is known for producing hits and this single is no exception. "Let's Dance"has a mid-tempo jam that is mellow and sunny, steep in a contemporary sound. Listen for the cooling sa

Darryl Williams releases single "Goldilocks" featuring Jeff Lorber

Bassist Darryl Williams pairs with Jeff Lorber on his latest cut "Goldilocks". The single takes you to a smooth place, a joyous stroll if you will into this brilliant musical delight. There you will find a mellow bass that plays well with symphonic horns and keys that are sublime. Darryl is known to produce singles that do well on the Billboard jazz charts and it is quite easy to predict that this one will have its own success as well. Most will recall his single "Do You Reme

Patrick Lamb takes us on the scenic route to "Malibu Drive"

Saxophonist Patrick Lamb joins with producer Adam Hawley to create the lively and pleasing sounds on the single "Malibu Drive". Lamb has had successful collaborations with quite a few musicians in his career. Last year he and guitarist Michael Thompson created the summer scorcher "Cocoa Butter" performing as the Thompson/Lamb Project. Lamb's signature style of music has always been upbeat with refreshing hooks that rub you the right way. Over the years he has performed with m

Pianist Xavier Gordon releases the single Bridges, a teaser from his upcoming EP Excellence

Jazz pianist Xavier Gordon is rocking the grooves with his new single "Bridges". Taken from the upcoming EP called Excellence, "Bridges" is funk-driven with contagious piano runs and a tasty summer romp. Xavier is more than a pianist, he is known as a songwriter and producer who has been on the jazz music scene for more than a decade. Xavier began playing the piano when he was eight years old growing up in Conyers, Georgia. He grew up in a family filled with musicians and sin

Jeff Kashiwa brings hope with Sunrise CD

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has done a number on the way we continue to live our lives. Realizing this, saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa has released Sunrise, a CD geared to bring a "new day" for the listener. According to Kashiwa's website, Sunrise is "the beginning of new opportunities to experience and enjoy life". The CD's first release is "The Night is Young", and it glows with an uptempo Motown-esque melody replete with indulgent horns and elegant keyboards . A defin

San Gabriel Seven brings cool grooves with latest single

From their album “Time to Stay”, San Gabriel Seven brings us their latest single “When the Lights Go Down”, featuring vocals from Andrea Miller. Produced by Chris Gordon, “When the Lights Go Down” is a catchy song that gets its shine from full-throated energizing horns that frame Andrea’s cheerful and pleasing vocals. Andrea is one of the most sought-after vocalists in the South California area. The album offers cool beats and wicked ballads that are hits in waiting. #sangab

Lori Williams brings a pocket full of grooves with new release

Songwriter, producer and vocalist Lori Williams brings lyrical positivity and a lot of soul on her spanking new single “New Day”. “New Day” is taken from Lori’s Cd A New Book, which marks her sixth release under her name. File this single under your “easy listening” category as it features a laid back, finger snapping groove which frames Lori’s silky smooth vocals perfectly. Hear Lori’s new single plus so much more releases on #JazzMoodsRadio #loriwilliams #newday #jazzreleas

Tracye Eileen releases new music from her upcoming EP

“Sweeter with Time” is the new single from vocalist Tracye Eileen, a track that is in rotation on Jazz Moods Radio. We met Tracye last year when she won our hearts with the sweet sway on “Somehow Someway” and again on the equally beautiful “Now That We’re Here”. Extracted from her upcoming EP “It’s Time”, “Sweeter with Time” has the makings of a nice backyard cool down with family and friends. It’s easy-going by nature with tempered vocals, indulgent keys and a hypnotic groov