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Philippe Saisse releases new single with Marc Antoine intended for vocals from Al Jarreau

Philippe Saisse has teamed up with Marc Antoine on the single Lost Words. In true Saisse fashion, there is a majestic melodic tapestry interwoven with waltz, jazz, and a spice from samba chords. The story behind this single is a very interesting one. It was actually written with Al Jarreau’s vocals in mind before the singer passed away.

As the story goes, Al had loved the Brazilianeque vibe to the single and found it had an “Italian flair”. Al wanted the song to be called “Trevi Fountain” and had possibly started the lyrics to the song while at hospital along with other lyrical projects.

Sadly, Al passed away and the book of lyrics went missing. The title Lost Words is truly apt and if you have a wild imagination as we do, you can close your eyes and hear Al scatting and adding his vocal dynamics to the single.

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