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Paul Taylor releases "Straight to the Point"

Saxophonist Paul Taylor is one of the more consistent musicians to date. His cool and laid-back demeanor resonates in his music including the latest single "Straight to the Point".

The single comes from Paul's new compilation And Now This which pairs him with his longtime musical collaborator of 25 years, Dino Esposito. Dino serves as the co-writer and producer of the album.

Most will remember that both Paul and Dino not only played in the same band as students of University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Paul also toured with Dino's band when he was a Pop singer in the 1980s. Dino is known for his popular hit single "24/7" which ruled the airwaves in the 80s.

The single "Straight to the Point", has a lovely smooth flow to it with Paul's unmistakable sax style swerving in and out of a rhythmically mid tempo groove.

And Now This just like so many other compilations from other musicians was also created under the stress of COVID-19. Said Paul in a recent interview, "there's something to be said for all of us artists persevering through the shutdown of 2020 and finding a way to get it done. And we did -- And Now This!"

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