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Ryan La Valette returns with single Let it Flow

New Zealand musician brings the necessary heat to the airwaves with the downright funky swing in the danceable single "Let It Flow". Ryan's guitar hits all the right spots as it shifts and segues within a refreshing melody with feel-good synths in the pocket.

The single is taken from his upcoming compilation, one which will feature Ryan playing on the guitar, bass and saxophone. For the compilation, Ryan has sort the best in the industry to pair his songwriting skills and talents with. They include his label mate Nicholas Cole, Greg Manning and Chris Big Dog Davis.

Ryan who considers himself as primarily a guitar player, fell in love with the instrument after hearing George Benson on the beloved "Breezin'". Ryan was only five at the time.

Ryan is largely self-taught on the instruments he plays and credits his high school guitar teacher Tony Janssen developing his skills on the guitar and Youtube videos for learning the saxophone where he saw his favorite sax musicians perform.

Ryan didn't stop there. He picked up the study of mixing and engineering. Ryan is scheduled to perform at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in spring, an event that he is truly looking forward.

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