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Jessy J returns after a six year break with new music

Saxophonist Jessy J returns after six years with the new CD Blue. The artist who has had 12 top singles and 6 chart topping albums teams up with Jeff Lorber on the upbeat new single "Dig It". It's a catchy track take from an album that explores bluesy and soulful grooves.

In a recent interview, Jessy said that writing and recording for her new CD "was an extraordinary experience". She also said "I have missed the connection with my fans so much these past two years. On every level - physical, emotional, spiritual - music plays such an important role in healing us. It's like therapy, making everything in life so much better and healthier".

One of the singles on the new CD is "Spinnin', which Jessy wrote during the pandemic. Jessy said that "Spinnin' was about her "pouring out my frustration over cancelled gigs and sudden lifestyle adjustments due to the lockdown".

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