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Castella releases new song featuring trumpeter Willie Bradley

And just like that, California vocalist Castella has become a household name and a darling in the jazz arena. One of the hard-working vocalists, Castella has been releasing a ton of hits ever since her debut and loving every moment of it. With the consecutive releases, there has always been consistency put don't be too quick to have her pigeonhole into one genre.

Although marketed for jazz, Castella's music can fit nicely on the R&B and Neo-Soul charts and that is the beauty of the music that she makes.

Her new single is called"So Glad I Met You" and it features trumpeter Willie Bradley. Within a pop-jazz flavor Castella sings from the heart about being ecstatic about meeting the man of her dreams, something we can all identify with.

Summer love will be born from this single, one that has a nice bouncy, roller skating groove to it. Not to be missed are Castella's sweet adlibs, she also does amazing on background vocals as well.

The song was written by Castella and producer Jeff Canady. Castella and Jeff have worked together in the past on a few of Castella's singles.

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