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Vocalist Erin Stevenson lends a unique touch to a 90's single

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Vocalist Erin Stevenson proves beyond a shadow of a doubt why leaving her day job at NASA was well worth it. She continues to impress us with her vocal aerobatics and range as she transforms “You Gotta Be”, the 90’s hit song from Des’ree.

With this being Women’s History Month, it was truly a nice touch to see Erin lock arms with saxophonist Althea Rene and harpist Mariea Antoinette who both guest appear on the single.

Deviating from the pop-sweetened original, the song commences with a sea of low trance-inducing synth vocals framed by lush harp and sax notes. We are immediately ushered into an unexpected musical oasis.

Erin owns this single like no other; her vocals are enchanting, honest and commands so much strength when it is lyrically necessary.

Melodically, an idyllic space is created. A space that we are not wanting to leave anytime soon, at least not for a few more hours.

Erin’s latest single was taken from her upcoming EP CoverGurl Uncovered, scheduled for a mid 2021 release.

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