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Richard Smith returns after 5-year hiatus

“Very West Coast, Very LA”... that’s how guitarist Richard Smith describes his latest single “Let’s Roll”. Returning after a five year hiatus and a health scare, Richard has quite the groove on his hands, one that will definitely have some activity on the charts.

“Let’s Roll” was written by Smith and produced and co-written by fellow guitarist Adam Hawley. Expect to hear saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa on this bouncy happy-go-lucky charm.

The single came from a place of optimism. The words “let’s roll” were the ones that Richard uttered to doctors who were set to put him through a four hour process to remedy stage 3 cancer last year.

“Let’s Roll” became Richard’s go-to affirmation as he also had to endure the four-hour procedure for 45 consecutive days. A year later and Richard is cancer-free and ready to make up for lost time with his fans.

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