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Doc Powell teams up with Bobby Lyle, Larry Kimpel on "Me Myself and Rio De Novo single

Guitarist Doc Powell is one of those musicians who has the "it" factor. With every song released, you are always sure to get melodies that stretches the imagination, emanating from a vibrant and fun musical location.

His latest single "Me Myself and Rio De Novo" puts him in the company of guest musicians pianist Bobby Lyle and bassist Larry Kimpel. The single's cover art that features Doc laying in a hammock surrounded by trees, all chilled and relaxed with his guitar in hand, definitely captures the mood of the single. It's definitely a mood changer that has an R&B tinged jazz combo that goes down well with every listen.

Melodically, the single features a lush brass section that features Doc scatting in harmony with his smooth fret drags and vibrant plucks. The "Ahhs" sound featured throughout the track trickles down into a nice swaying Brazilian pastiche near the end, it's as refreshing as a splash of cool water on a hot summer day.

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