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Proudly broadcasting from South New Jersey, we play your fresh hits and the best of smooth and contemporary jazz music. New releases added everyday of the week!!!

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Lose yourself in the trance-induced new single "Arrival" from saxophonist Paul Taylor. Just added to our playlist on ‪#‎jazzmoodsradio‬, Paul is no stranger when it comes to putting together music that is heighten with compelling chords and riffs. Not to mention, he always brings a speck of edginess to his music; the single Arrival has an EDM feel with militant drums in the bridge that makes this single a Paul Taylor signature.

"Arrival" is the promise of what's to come from Paul's new CD "Countdown" which is scheduled for a September release. 3paultaylor ‪#‎jazzsax2016‬ ‪#‎arrivalcd‬ ‪#‎countdowncd‬

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The balmy days of summer have been extracted and placed into a neat package labeled "Follow the Sun", the latest single from SoCal jazz guitarist Jas Miller.

Long after the summer is over, this track will definitely be the one you would want to spin to relive the moments of summer love to spending hours on a sun-drenched beach or just sitting out in the backyard soaking up the rays.

"Follow the Sun" illuminates with richly textured elements that ebbs and flows with the progression of a romantic summer love plot.

Just in time for the Olympics in Rio, vocalist Rebecca Angel has released the festive"Jet Samba", currently playing on ‪#‎jazzmoodsradio‬

The track was originally done in an instrumental version by legendary Brazilian composer Marcos Valle. Rebecca's vocals carries innocence in this playful and riveting track as it shifts and segues in and out of chord progressions.

Produced by famed R&B and Jazz producer Jason Miles, Rebecca's dad contemporary Jazz artist Dennis Angel also appears on the track. ‪#‎rebeccaangel‬ ‪#‎jetsamba‬ ‪#‎rioolympics‬ ‪#‎jazzvocals2016‬


A lone acoustic guitar relays to drums and a rolling piano to a gurgling bassline meandering us into the track "Best Friends" from vocalist Ashleigh Smith. Currently added to our playlist at ‪#‎jazzmoodsradio‬, "Best Friends" is an instant favorite thanks to its laid-back jazz-soul groove with a hint of island hue. Ashleigh's voice is unpretentious on this single which provides the perfect soundtrack to lazy days at the beach.

Ashleigh is known as the winner of the 2014 Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocals Competition. "Best Friends" is taken from the 27 year old Dallas native's forthcoming CD entitled "Sunkissed.

Singer and songwriter Fuller French brings music to soothe your soul with his latest single "Brazilian Sunrise", a track currently in rotation on ‪#‎jazzmoodsradio‬

Armed with movie-star good looks, Fuller acts as your musical tour guide as he accurately captures the serene and magical moment one experiences as the crimson sun makes its ascension over the quiet and scenic Caribbean island.

‬ ‪#‎braziliansunrise‬ ‪#‎smoothjazz2016‬

Artist, Producer and Songwriter d.Mills is known for producing music in both the Jazz and R&B genres.

On his latest single "The Hat", d.Mills there is a techno/90s soul feel with underlying jazz elements that heightens expectations.

Recently added on ‪#‎jazzmoodsradio‬, the melodious piano chords, bubbling bassline and tasteful synths work well together for this danceable number.

"The Hat" is from his upcoming album, Mission Complete through DM Records. ‪#‎dmiller‬ ‪#‎missioncomplete‬ ‪#‎thehat‬ ‪#‎201

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