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There are certain musicians that over time become iconic and serve as touchstones for our times and popular culture. Among these are the smooth tones of rising star Rob Sabado. A master saxophone stylist whose versatility has earned him worldwide notability and the distinction of being the only American-Filipino artist to have performed the saxophone at The Library of Congress. Sabado's remarkable talents are on full display throughout his forthcoming new release, Spice of Life. The recording was produced by multi-Grammy winner and smooth jazz star, Paul Brown.


Furthering his practice of recording songs that span many different stylistic genres, Sabado's new release offers a selection of urban-flavored grooves, soulful romantic ballads and jazz-inspired improvisations. "I have been around the world and I believe my music can take the listener to exotic lands," explains Sabado. "The listener may want to take a funky trip down town on track one or take a romantic walk with On the Beach and I think that accounts for the diversity on Spice of Life."

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