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And Coffee is the name of the brand new Cd from sax player Marcus Anderson. It is a compilation that serves up a fresh brew of coffee-themed sounds with robust melodies and perky sax to get you through your day.


The new CD also helps to usher in Marcus' career as an entrepreneur. Already there is a trend with most jazz musicians to be affiliated with some type of business outside of what they do with jazz. For instance Michael Lington has got his name stamped on wines and cigars; Marcus Johnson also does wines as well.


Now Marcus Anderson has introduced his brand of coffee simply called And Coffee. Coffee lovers are able to enjoy one of the four flavors of coffee  including Passion Blend (decaf), Cup of Joe (mild roast), Hazelnut and Cappuccino (bold roast).


"Cappucino Strut" is the name of one of the singles on the CD that is currently heard on Jazz Moods Radio. It pairs Marcus with trumpeter Lin Rountree on joyful track.

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